I thought i was safe from identity theft
Then someone took
over my bank account!

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your information to make purchases, open new accounts, receive medical
care at your expense, commit crimes in your name, and more. It’s a federal offense,
and one of the top 10 biggest threats to today’s businesses
1 in 4 people experience ID theft
In 2016, over $16 BILLION was lost because of it
Kids are at risk
Social security numbers and names without a criminal history are attractive to identity thieves
Millennial threat
Frequent and careless activity on social media exposes personal information to fraud every day
Own a new home?
Online shopping, contractor use, and letting people into your home exposes you to higher risks
Cash machines
Cash machine overlays make it possible to clone your credit or debit card very easily
Good old mail
A stolen bank statement from your letter box can be the beginning of the end for your credit score

Key Features of IDSafeGuard

Monitor any suspicious activity that can lead to ID theft and
lower your credit score.
Know of any misuse of your personal data in real time
24/7 monitoring
Your credit cards, Social Security Number, email, and physical addresses are constantly monitored against fraud
We are here for you
Our team of experts will help and advise you if you fall victim to Identity Theft.
Insured Up to $1 million
Insurance is included with IDSafeGuard, so you don’t need to worry about any legal expenses and fees
Id restoration
Our team will help guide you every step of the way if your identity is compromised

Why ID Safeguard

What Our Users Say

A few real-life examples of what could happen to you and how
IDSafeGuard can help you
I used my social security number as a password. I knew I shouldn't have, but didn’t think much of it until I got hacked and someone used my SSN to take out a student loan.

It would never have happened if I had signed up for IDSafeGuard earlier, but now I know it won't happen again
Matthew B. - member since 2016
I kept telling my teenage daughter to be careful with her social media activity, and to be safe, I joined IDSafeGuard Family.

Six months later an alert told me my daughter’s details had been used to request the opening of a bank account! I am glad I got notified in time and managed to avoid a much bigger problem.
Karen J. - member since 2014
Since my 70 year-old mom learned how to use her laptop, she hasn’t skipped a day of surfing the Internet.

I was constantly worried that she’d fall into some trap and share personal information, so I added her to my IDSafeGuard account. I can now rest assured that she (and I!) can browse the web safely.
Brett P. - member since 2017

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